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Full-time moderation team IN PROGRESS
Moderators help protect and grow our community, the most valuable part of Chocolate City is The BARBER City. We've recently brought on a group of full-time and part-time moderators. In an effort to professionalize community management in the NFT space, Chocolate City moderators have daily calls within the Community and Product teams, work set hours, take regular breaks, and spend time off-screen.


Chocolate City Grants IN PROGRESS
Calling all builders, artists, and creatives. The City is full of talented brothers that want to use their skills and passion for Chocolate City to create amazing things for the community. Chocolate City will empower and provide grants to excellent members with great ideas through a grants program. We are working through the legal framework and application process.


Community Spaces IN PROGRESS
From casual hangouts to stories of Travel, Business advice, and .... these forums in The BARBER Shop are important places to grow the connective brotherhood of our community. See you at the COOKOUT, or any of the other great spaces that are hosted by  Chocolate City NFT holders.

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