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Who are we?

We are a group of individuals that share the same vision coming together to bring you CHOCOLATE CITY.

We are united by a mission to create a diverse, constantly evolving, dope collection and powerful  community.

The first Chocolate City NFT project is THE BARBER SHOP BOYS, This community is for men of color. 

We look forward to welcoming brothers into the NFT space while creating a supportive environment – from new community members and collectors to emerging artists and NFT enthusiasts. We believe that together, the CHOCOLATE CITY community and the members of the BARBER SHOP can have a positive impact on the NFT space and the world. We are excited to begin this journey with you all!

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MrBLACKnOUT is an entrepreneur with the focus of  bringing positive depictions of people of color (POC) into the spotlight. He noticed a lack of black representation, diversity and voices of POC in the NFT space and found it necessary to create such an environment and community. With this vision in mind, the Chocolate city NFT project was created. 

There are many POC that need to see an emerging project like CHOCOLATE CITY that will encourage and inspire them to turn their  dreams into reality. Far to many times we are left out of conversations and it's time to change that narrative. His mission is to create an environment in the NFT space  that POC from all over the world can be seen, heard and feel included. 

The team at Chocolate City are all passionate and committed to the NFT space and truly believe that the vision of this project will make a positive difference.


We invite you to follow along on this journey with us!


Jeof Bollers
Creative & Artist


CHOCOLATE CITY collaborates with and supports emerging artists from around the world. If you’re an artist, nonprofit or brand looking to collaborate, reach out to us at

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